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Welcome to The Mill Warrnambool Project
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The Mill Warrnambool is perfectly situated, being mere minutes from beaches, golf, tennis, the city centre and rail station. The elevated site extends the expansive foreshore of the popular Lake Pertobe playgrounds, parks and sports venues.

The Mill Warrnambool development project will give lasting life to an important local landmark.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the development or if you would like to register interest in the residences, businesses or community facilities.

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The Mill Warrnambool is a residential development with on-site community, recreational and cultural facilities.

The 3.9 hectares development of The Mill Warrnambool will be home to private residents alongside large areas of public space reserved for shops, parks, paths, tourist amenities, cultural activities and cottage industries. The Mill Warrnambool development will give the old Woollen Mill new meaning in keeping with it's historic significance.

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